Vidrogal S.A. is an independent manufacturer of glass insulation units with a 100% Galician shareholding that aims to satisfy the needs in the residential sector and in large works for official projects, and also in interior design and decoration.

We are a company that was constituted in December 2001 and that started to manufacturer for our clients in March 2003.

We are located in Soutelo de Montes, a strategic place with very good communications that allows us to perfectly cover the whole of Galicia and quickly access the  Rías Baixas dual carriageway towards Madrid and the AP-9 motorway towards the north of Portugal.

We have 10.000 m2 of industrial warehouses and 800 m2 of offices and auxiliary services on a plot of  20.000 m2, on which there is still space to build another 2.500 m2 industrial building.

We have a training room, both for our clients and for our suppliers, in which we carry out technical sessions, present new developments and all the new products that appear on the market.