The industrial building is divided into the following four parts:

Cutting building 1 (2.200 m2): made up of a monolithic cutting table and a laminate cutting table, with a width of   4.800 and an intelligent warehouse for automatic glass loading and capacity for 1.280 Tn.

Manufacturing building (2.828 m2): the building where we manufacture the double glazing and all of its accessory parts. Made up of a folding machine, muntin bar workshop, frame-filler and two double glazing production lines, with silicon and polysulphide with capacity to make  5000 x 2700 mm parts automatically. Area for adhering the glass to the frame and storing the finished product.

Cutting building 2 (2.200 m2): made up of a laminate cutting table, drills and edging machines.

Finished product warehouse (2.828 m2): we have a finished product warehouse for those clients who, due to their way of working, request Vidrogal to manage the logistics of their products.

There is a power generator and a UPS so that, in the event of problems with the electricity supply, Vidrogal S.A. can deliver the products to our clients within the agreed period.

Vidrogal has its own fleet of lorries for our product distribution.