These are glass insulating units made up of at least one solar control glass, which makes energy loss through the double glazing much less than in normal UVA. This type of glass is usually associated with coloured glass, but there is also neutral solar control glass.

By using this type of glass, heat entry through the glazing is reduced, and the sensation of comfort is much greater. This type of glass is recommended to be used mainly in hot areas; in Spain it is advisable in the south and in the centre. This type of glass can be combined with laminated glass, acoustic laminates, to improve safety and comfort performance. 

Fundamentally for office buildings, official works, skylights and, in general, in all those works where there may be very large panes of glass and which are oriented towards the south. A very common error in homes with large glazed surface areas is to place transparent glass, so the heat entry is very great and there is no sensation of well-being and, therefore, in these cases, this type of glass is recommended.